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Of all the things on the internet I love, pr0n is probably what I like the most.  No wait, it is the thing I like the most.  I mean it’s free, for underage everybody and if you look in the right places you can get some pretty high quality pics of Louis’s mom doing some pretty “high quality” things.  But I digress, for I have strayed from my point.  My point is that pr0n is good, and thus so is the internet because of it.  Even the pop-ups, the bane of the internet, are no match for this perfect mix (the mix being myself and pr0n).  For I have pop up stopper and then the pop up’s are defeated (with much rejoicing)

But what I don’t get is this.  With all the pr0n on the internet, why the hell are there so many pay sites?  Are there so many incompetent people out there who actually pay for this godsent blessing of free nakedness?  How do these sites stay up? Who the hell patronizes these insults to greatness of internet pr0n, I mean the best parts about internet pr0n is the fact that it’s free? For fucks sake who is dumb enough to give out there credit card number to a site called “Billy’s Fuck Farm” or some shit like that, I mean there is a lack of common sense, then there is asstart stupid mother fucker…but giving out your credit card number to an internet pr0n site…that’s is a new level of dumbass. 

Shortly after realizing that some people are actually paying for pr0n on the internet, I realized that not only are people paying for it, but a lot of people are.  I mean there wouldn’t be a million and a fucking half sites out there if there wasn’t money in it.  Since both of these realizations  I have begun to search out a new and more proper derivation of the word dumbass to describe this kind of…fucking stupidity. 

Needless to say I have failed, but not totally.  It’s a lot of stupidity to try and contain in a single word, I mean every time I try to think of something a stream of swear words revolving around dumbass spews out of my mouth and into the ears of countless confused strangers.  I have come close though, and the best I have been able to come up with is this.

Cocktard - now I know it doesn’t sound too good at first but first it must be noted that this is still in developmental stages but if nothing else it makes sense.  “Explanation?” you say with a question in your mid puberty still cracking voice?  Gladly.  As we all know cock means penis, the part involved in the internet pr0n, and tard, derived from the word retarded.  Thus a person who has a cock that is in some way retarded, but further it goes on to imply that the person does not have a retarded penis, but rather IS a retarded penis.  Clever methinks.

But ‘how’ you ask ‘does this relate to stupidity’?  Well gentlemen this is where it gets slightly complicated and we men have to toss aside our ego’s for the sake or reason.  God gave men a brain, and a penis, and only enough blood to use one properly at a time (as proven by Robin Williams, see his HBO stand-up for further detail).  So here it is now also implying that not only is this person not using their brain (like a dumbass) they are also instead thinking with their cock, which if they are looking at internet pr0n, is probably true.

So there you have it, food for thought, a new word, what more could you ask for in a rant?  Oh yes internet pr0n.  Well then here www.pr0n.com soak it up you cocktards.  Soak it up.


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